Preserving the Art


Those who make Ei Mei Kan Special

Passing the Art

Our dojo is fortunate to have a strong collection of yundansha, in particular a strong collection of teachers. Consequently Ei Mei Kan has a very high level of quality of training and students progrss quickly and far after even a short while here.

That said, I think that Aikido (and the martial arts in general) can have a tremendously positive influence on young people. It’s important to arm them, not in the combative sense, but to arm them with some traditional experiences and to cultivate personal qualities that will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives. - Christopher Mooney Shihan

Origins of the Art


The Passing of the Flame.


The head of the dojo is Chris Mooney Shihan who teaches all the adanced classes; the senior students participate in these classes and only the highest quality is expected from them. The yundansha teach the other classes at the dojo and become familiar faces to all who enter.

Nidan, Fukushidoin

Asia Thompson

In the pursuit of knowledge, everyday something is added - Tao Te Ching

Asia Thomson

I started Aikido in 2004, just looking for a sport that I would enjoy. Martial arts always interest me but I did not value competition. Aikido fitted perfectly. I was also intrigued by the weapons training. Ei Mei Kan is like a second home to me, and the training incooperates all four parts of this school: Aikido, Weapons, Batto-Ho, Zazen.

SWhat matters is precision, technique and being on time. Physical development, fitness, coordination, perseverance, and awareness of your own body.


Izram Ali

Delusion in the mind; stiffness in the body.

Izram Ali

I have been doing Aikido for 16 years. I used to work in night clubs and bars. I hate violence: it always followed me around. I was big guy, I admired my muscles. It was my defence. My first experience in Aikido was with a woman, I could not understand how she could throw me so easily. This experience humbled me. There are women teachers which is very important: it balances things out.

Aikido has affected my life deeply: I am a calm person in daily life, I don’t do stress or drama.