On Saturday 1 March 2014, the following students were promoted by examination at Ei Mei Kan:

To nikyu:
  • Adrian Harasemiuc
To yonkyu:
  • Ayman Boustati
  • Jonty Heiser
  • Zimu Xu
Congratulations to all!

Tuesday, 4 March 2014, 11:56

Dojo Closed for Christmas and New Year

The Dojo will be closed for Christmas and New Year holidays. The last practice of 2013 will be on Thursday 19 December, and all are welcome to join a Christmas Dinner at the Oak Tree Inn after practice. The first practice of 2014 will be on Tuesday 7 January 2014.

Thursday, 12 December 2013, 17:55

Christmas 2013 Promotions

On Saturday 7 December 2013, the following students were promoted by examination at the Ei Mei Kan Christmas Course:

To nidan:
  • Tim Sullivan
To shodan:
  • Marcel Santiko
To ikkyu:
  • Jonathan Morris
To gokyu:
  • Victoria PeiHooi Chua
  • Matthew Lee
  • Alex Malinowski
  • Nathan Rasquinet
To rokkyu:
  • George Betts
  • Benjamin Lees
  • Yodsapon Chirawut
  • Royston Lee
  • Zoe Tianyi Li
  • KenZj Nguyen
  • Richard Mofe Prest
  • Ben Sewell
  • Sophie White
  • Kritz Yeoh
Congratulations to all!

Monday, 9 December 2013, 14:22

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